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Welcome to the HVACR Association of Louisiana

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Who is the HVACR Association of Louisiana?


(HVACR = Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration)

The HVACR Association of Louisiana is a statewide consortium of HVACR contractors and organizations that work within the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry, formerly known as the Louisiana Heat Pump Association, which was founded in 1987. On March 6, 2020, our membership voted to change the name of our organization in order to become a more inclusive organization and establish a larger footprint in the HVACR industry. We have five chapters across the state that include HVACR contractor members that are mandated by a Code of Ethics that governs our association requiring members to adhere to the highest quality of work and best practices in the HVACR industry. Additionally, we have membership categories on a chapter level that include educational, corporate, and 'members-in-waiting.' On a state level, we also have corporate members that have a vested interest in the HVACR industry. Our membership is governed by a statewide board of directors and managed by a statewide coordinator.

History of the HVACR Association of Louisiana


The HVACR Association of Louisiana, formerly known as the Louisiana Heat Pump Association, was created in 1987; at that time, the utility companies were the driving force behind the organization and brought significant funding to the table. Since then, the association has become a ‘contractor-driven’ and partnership organization funded by membership dues paid by contractor members, manufacturer and supplier companies, individuals, and organizations that serve the HVACR industry. Over the past decade, association members have desired to change the 'heat pump' language and requirements to 'HVACR'. Therefore, in March 2020, at our annual membership meeting, the organization voted to officially change its name to the Louisiana HVACR Association of Louisiana.




  • I will have the integrity to say no to a job when it will do an injustice to the customer, my profession or me.

  • I will prepare a heat loss and heat gain calculation in accordance with accepted industry methods and abide by applicable codes when installing a new or add-on system.

  • I will discuss with the customer the characteristics of an HVACR system before completing a sale.

  • I will install or modify all air distribution systems according to recommended industry standards.

  • I will install and check the operation of all equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • I am committed to taking advantage of new service techniques and changes made available by manufacturers or by the HVACR of Louisiana.

  • I will acquaint the customer with the system operation, owner maintenance procedures and steps that should be taken before calling for service.

  • I will promptly arrange to provide service by a qualified technician upon receipt of a customer’s request.

A Message from our 2024

State President


Fernie Soignier
Ram Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC
Baton Rouge, LA


     Fernie Soignier has been inducted as our 2024 State President and is joined by his wife, Sue, in managing their HVAC business, Ram Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, located in Baton Rouge.

     It is truly an honor to follow previous state association presidents as your incoming state president.  First, a little background might be in order:


      I began my career in the HVACR industry in 1993 as a salesman with Acme Refrigeration where I was allowed to attend local association meetings in the Lower River Region Chapter when we were known as the Louisiana Heat Pump Association. It was at that time, that I learned from super successful members who founded and built an association members can be proud to participate and join, and a time where mentors became a touchstone for mentorship that would catapult me on to a career in our industry.


       From my stint at Acme to Premier Sales, followed by an incredible opportunity to serve as Territory Manager for Butcher from Alexandria to Grand Isle, and Morgan City to Laplace were some of the stepping stones I took toward owning my own HVAC business in Baton Rouge.  RamAir was owned, at that time, by a former state president and active member of our association where I made my transition over a two-year period from sales to business owner of Ram.  My wife Sue joined me, and works in our day-to-day management which makes for a great team.


      Currently, we have 9 employees including myself, Sue, a dispatcher, a sales person, and 5 technicians.  We enjoy a successful business as a Team.  It is a daily learning process where we are dedicated to the processes we have in place by serving our customers with great products and services.


      As a member of the HVACR Association of Louisiana, formerly known as the Louisiana Heat Pump Association, I have volunteered my time to the state board of directors and the Capital Chapter board of directors.  During my service, I have had the opportunity to participate in numerous key initiatives that benefit our membership and industry:


 Joining our appointed representative, Rick Kincel, who was our appointed representative to the Louisiana Energy Code Commission, by attending meetings and being on the cutting edge of code changes that affect our dealers was a great experience.

Joining colleagues of our association which resulted in a major win for our dealers by a new law we lobbied for in the Louisiana Legislature allowing state-licensed contractors to work on gas furnaces without having to obtain the state gas pipe fitters license.  (Senate Bill 482)

       We have decided to revisit the worker's compensation insurance options with the new Commissioner of Insurance in hopes we can find new opportunities to benefit our members.  Quality training for the new freons covering policies and procedures will be another avenue we will push in 2024.  There are a lot of changes coming down the pipeline, and as HVACR businesses, we must be prepared for all aspects of these changes.  Additionally, I feel we must provide quality business-owner training to equip our business owners to 'run their business' vs. 'their business running them.'  These are just a few priorities I have for this coming year.


     We have laid some serious groundwork through the years in this association, yet we have much more to do to meet the needs of our members.  My door is always open to have a discussion with members on any opportunities you would like us to consider pursuing for the betterment of our members.  I am only a phone call or email away.  Please feel free to contact me directly.


Fernie Soignier

State President

225-317-8863 (mobile)

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