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Who is the HVACR Association of Louisiana?

The HVACR Association of Louisiana is a statewide consortium of HVACR contractors and organizations that work within the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry, formerly known as the Louisiana Heat Pump Association, and founded in 1987.  On March 6, 2020, our membership voted to change the name of our organization in order to become a more inclusive organization and establish a larger  footprint in the HVACR industry.  We have nine regions across the state and are mandated by a Code of Ethics that govern our association, and requires that all members adhere to the highest quality of work and best practices in the HVACR industry.

History of the HVACR Association of Louisiana


The HVACR Association of Louisiana, formerly known as the Louisiana Heat Pump Association, was created in 1987; at that time, the utility companies were the driving force behind the organization and brought major funding to the table. Since that time, the association has become a ‘contractor-driven’ organization that is funded by membership dues paid by contractor members, manufacturer and supplier companies, individuals and organizations that serve the HVACR industry. Over the past decade, association members have desired to change the 'heat pump' language and requirements to 'HVACR'. Therefore, at the March, 2020, annual membership meeting, the organization voted to officially change it's name to the Louisiana HVACR Association of Louisiana.







  • I will have the integrity to say no to a job when it will do an injustice to the customer, my profession or me.

  • I will prepare a heat loss and heat gain calculation in accordance with accepted industry methods and abide by applicable codes when installing a new or add-on system.

  • I will discuss with the customer the characteristics of an HVACR system before completing a sale.

  • I will install or modify all air distribution systems according to recommended industry standards.

  • I will install and check the operation of all equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • I am committed to taking advantage of new service techniques and changes made available by manufacturers or by the HVACR of Louisiana.

  • I will acquaint the customer with the system operation, owner maintenance procedures and steps that should be taken before calling for service.

  • I will promptly arrange to provide service by a qualified technician upon receipt of a customer’s request.

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Angela Menard Meche
2022 State President

Menard's A/C & Heating
Lafayette, LA

This message was shared at our annual membership meeting

by our incoming state president.

     First, I would like to present this plaque to Charles as our outgoing state president. Thank you for your service and commitment over the past two years to this board of directors and association. 

     Charles, you stole my speech! I wanted to share some of the same thoughts - that I have enjoyed serving as president-elect, and especially that I appreciate the individuals who have served selflessly to this industry and group of elite HVACR contractors.

     I truly admire each of you -- Charles and many others who have served our membership. This is an organization I truly believe in.

     My Dad served on the state board of directors as well as on a local level in the Acadiana Chapter, and I am proud to be a part of this association.

     The state and local levels of our association enjoy what seems to be a dying breed of HVACR contractors that are dedicated to this industry.

"These are the important moments

in our association

where we are brought together

to spend time and learn

from one another."

     Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of sitting with many contractors in this association that has shared insights that have helped me to grow and learn this business. For instance, I recently spent time with Fernie Soignier (Capital Chapter) and found myself like a sponge soaking up information. I learned so much. Thank you, Fernie, for allowing me to pick your brain.      These are the important moments in our association where we are brought together to spend time and learn from one another.

     In 2022, I would like to implement more of the Contractor Roundtable discussions that allow members from across chapters to learn and grow from one another.
     Though I have no profound promises, based on the tremendous work of great presidents and business owners that have preceded me, I do plan to continue to bring value to our association by continuing the hard work of giving back to this association and our industry.

     Some of the things I believe are critical to our association include hard work, an effort to retain members, talking with potential members, bringing value to the table, and continuing our efforts in workforce development.
     Our newsletters are a great resource that keeps us 'in the know,' and I enjoy reading them - though it may take me some time to get to them because of a busy schedule. I do, however, read them!

     Over the past two years, we have experienced Covid and employee shortages. There will always be challenges. Growth is painful and difficult but needed.

     I am committed to serving this association and all of those who want to be a part of it because I know that building relationships with like-minded people will allow me to continue to learn and be a better leader. We have so much to learn.

     Thank you for the time we spend together. Each time, I learn something. Recently I had the pleasure of visiting with Tammy Briscoe (Corporate Rep to the state board) and again, I was like a sponge learning something new I could take back into my business.

     I would also like to thank Leslie Davis (our state coordinator) for going above and beyond by providing us with great communication and organization. Thank you!


In your service,

Angela Menard Meche

Charles Weckesser
2020-2021 State President

Comfort Specialists A/C & Heating
Marrero, LA

This message was shared at our annual membership meeting

by our outgoing state president.

     I would like to thank this association and the board of directors for allowing me to be a part of this association and to serve as your president for the past two years. I appreciate being a part of this group and have learned a great deal - good and bad - because of the challenges we have faced.      When I came on board last year, we were placed on an emotional rollercoaster with the pandemic - and it has continued through a second year.

     Yet, I have absolutely gained a great deal from this association. It is not just what we do individually for our industry, but what we learn from one another. Each person has personal advice and insights that I have gained from and this camaraderie and time together have made me a better president and a better person. Thank you!

     In New Orleans, we have a different culture. Things are handled in a different manner, and the insights from areas I was unfamiliar with our state (like the Northwest Chapter) have taught me a great deal. Again, I can't stress enough how this has helped me in my business and made me better. I have learned from so many on this board and across our state. Invaluable lessons.


"When I started in this business, it was this association

and its members

that helped me gain traction."

     When I started in this business, it was this association and members that helped me gain traction. Members offered me their trucks, their office space, and many other things that made me realize this is like a family. This was a valuable lesson to me along with the insight into how this association can and has worked through the decades. It is a real asset to be a member of this group.

     My hope is to remain a part of this association for years to come because even when I become disgruntled, I learn from this group. There are ways for us to come together toward common goals that will make us better individually and corporately.

     As I hand over the reins to Angela as our incoming president, I wish my best to her. I know she plans to continue the initiatives we have laid before us for the betterment of our association and members.

     Thank you again for allowing me to serve you as president. Good luck, Angela, I know you are up to the task.



Charles Weckesser