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Welcome to the HVACR Association of Louisiana

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Who is the HVACR Association of Louisiana?


(HVACR = Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration)

The HVACR Association of Louisiana is a statewide consortium of HVACR contractors and organizations that work within the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry, formerly known as the Louisiana Heat Pump Association, which was founded in 1987. On March 6, 2020, our membership voted to change the name of our organization in order to become a more inclusive organization and establish a larger footprint in the HVACR industry. We have five chapters across the state that include HVACR contractor members that are mandated by a Code of Ethics that governs our association requiring members to adhere to the highest quality of work and best practices in the HVACR industry. Additionally, we have membership categories on a chapter level that include educational, corporate, and 'members-in-waiting.' On a state level, we also have corporate members that have a vested interest in the HVACR industry. Our membership is governed by a statewide board of directors and managed by a statewide coordinator.

History of the HVACR Association of Louisiana


The HVACR Association of Louisiana, formerly known as the Louisiana Heat Pump Association, was created in 1987; at that time, the utility companies were the driving force behind the organization and brought significant funding to the table. Since then, the association has become a ‘contractor-driven’ and partnership organization funded by membership dues paid by contractor members, manufacturer and supplier companies, individuals, and organizations that serve the HVACR industry. Over the past decade, association members have desired to change the 'heat pump' language and requirements to 'HVACR'. Therefore, in March 2020, at our annual membership meeting, the organization voted to officially change its name to the Louisiana HVACR Association of Louisiana.




  • I will have the integrity to say no to a job when it will do an injustice to the customer, my profession or me.

  • I will prepare a heat loss and heat gain calculation in accordance with accepted industry methods and abide by applicable codes when installing a new or add-on system.

  • I will discuss with the customer the characteristics of an HVACR system before completing a sale.

  • I will install or modify all air distribution systems according to recommended industry standards.

  • I will install and check the operation of all equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • I am committed to taking advantage of new service techniques and changes made available by manufacturers or by the HVACR of Louisiana.

  • I will acquaint the customer with the system operation, owner maintenance procedures and steps that should be taken before calling for service.

  • I will promptly arrange to provide service by a qualified technician upon receipt of a customer’s request.

A Message from our 2022-2023

State President


Angela Menard Morvant
Menard's A/C & Heating
Lafayette, LA

Angela Menard Meche.jpe

     2023 has brought changes to the HVACR Industry in Louisiana with the updates regarding the Louisiana Codes that affect HVAC dealers.  Make sure you are aware of some significant changes that you must comply with including, but not limited to:

1) R8 ductwork is now required on all new ductwork

(this does not apply to retrofits when ductwork is not being changed out)

2) Heat load calculations are required

3) Duct leak testing is required


     As an association, our State Board of Directors has made a decision to contact with a 'Legislative Watchdog' that is working in tandem with our statewide director and board to ensure that all legislation affecting the HVACR Industry of Louisiana, and in particular our members, is addressed timely.


     Another initiative we continue to address on behalf of our members is to ensure that our chapters across the state provide quality training for our HVACR dealers, owners, and technicians.  Training initiatives are crucial to our industry, and not only enhance our working knowledge of the industry but also ensure we do the best job possible for our customer base.


     We are also looking forward to our one-day statewide conference - plan now to attend:






Statewide Annual Business Meeting

Owner/Dealer Training Class

Reception, Banquet & Entertainment



Watch for our newsletter which will contain content and registration information!

     As I always say, my Dad served on the state board of directors as well as on a local level in the Acadiana Chapter, and I am proud to be a part of this association.

     The state and local levels of our association enjoy what seems to be a dying breed of HVACR contractors that are dedicated to this industry.

"The most significant asset of 

this association

is the incredible

expertise and knowledge

our member base

brings to the table; 

sharing that information among

our membership is vital

to our success!"

     I remain committed to serving this association and all of those who want to be a part of it because I know that building relationships with like-minded people will allow me to continue to learn and be a better leader. We have so much to learn.

In your service,

Angela Menard Morvant

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