Are YOU Ready

for the NEW Refrigerants?

AC Equipment with new refrigerants will be shipping sooner than you think.

These new refrigerants are classified as Mildly Flammable and will change how you work.

Look For it in 2023!

The HVACR Association of Louisiana wants its members to be fully prepared for changes in the refrigerant arena that are coming down the pipeline!  One of our major goals for the next two years will be to focus on these changes and train our members appropriately!


Summary of refrigerant changes:

  • Phase-out of R-22 refrigerant by the EPA.  Supplies are very limited now.

  • Phase-out R-410A. No more equipment manufactured with this refrigerant by 2023

  • Due to global warming regulations, we are forced to use Mildly Flammable A2L’s such as R-32, R454B, and R452B to name a fewThis means changes to install, service, storage, transporting, recovering, charging, and handling – not to mention the tools you will need to do these tasks will now need to be listed to handle those AL2 refrigerants.

  • Additional phase-outs and/or bans of several common refrigerants such as R134a, R410A, and R407C are expected to go into effect over the next few years.


For a bit of the history of refrigerant, changes click here.


How can you tap into these initiatives?

By joining our association so you can be apprised of these changes through our:

  • Newsletters

  • Training Programs

  • Camaraderie and sharing of information with an elite group of HVACR contractors

  • Industry partnerships

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