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A message from our 2021 State President, Charles Weckesser

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     Beginning in late 2019, our state board of directors made a decision to take steps to create changes that would benefit our membership and better reflect our mission -- improving the HVACR industry in the State of Louisiana.  These changes began by creating a Strategic Planning Committee that set out to develop a 3-year strategic plan that included new initiatives increasing our members and customer benefits in accordance with our Code of Ethics. 

     Here is an overview of our accomplishments to date:


  1. Name change – completed in 2020 (from Louisiana Heat Pump Association to HVACR Association of Louisiana)

  2. By-laws and Constitution changes – completed in 2020 (updates to reflect the current needs of members)

  3. Motto change – completed in 2020 (from ‘Move up to the Heat Pump’ to ‘The Voice of the Louisiana  HVACR Industry’)

  4. Logo change – completed in 2020 (same design, different name!

  5. New website – completed in 2020:  https://www.hvacrassociationoflouisiana.com/

  6. Membership surveys – first survey:  mid-2020 completed second survey:  late-2020 to early 2021 completed with an 82% participation rate!  These surveys assisted us in developing initiatives based on our member’s feedback.

  7. Updated truck decals and uniform patches – completed in 2020, distributed to chapter presidents at our state board meetings

  8. Email newsletters – beginning March 2020, monthly newsletters are sent to all association members updating them on everything from association business, Covid-19 resources, training resources, etc.  Please make sure you have added us to your email contact list, so our newsletters safely arrive at your inbox vs. your junk mail.  Emails arrive from:  hvacrlesliedavis+icloud.com@ccsend.com 

  9. Training & Workforce development – the major focus of our state board of directors is to develop a workforce training program that would be implemented in late 2021 or early 2022 that will provide training to our members by working with individual chapters to provide credible trainers and training programs that enhance the learning process for owners and technicians.  We will continue to work on this program until it is fully implemented as we are aware this is a key factor to your success.

  10. Chapter meeting assistance – Our goal is to assist chapters with viable training options and speakers; therefore, we have offered to host chapter Zoom meetings, provided a list of ‘to do ideas’ for chapter meetings, and a list of credible trainers that provide quality training and education for business owners and technicians.  If you need assistance in this area, please make sure to contact our state office to discuss training options and assistance for the fall 2021 meetings and spring 2022 meetings. Contact:  hvacrlesliedavis@icloud.com or 225-400-8476

  11. Facebook – we have updated our Facebook page and offer articles and news information throughout each week to apprise our members of ‘all things HVACR’.  Visit us at:  https://www.facebook.com/HVACRofLA/

  12. Promotional posters– we are currently updating an 18 x 20 promotional poster for distribution in our supply houses, etc.  Once these are complete, we will distribute them to chapter presidents.


     Thank you for the opportunity to serve the state association as your president.  We have made some tough decisions that we believe will provide the necessary support to strengthen our association statewide.  

     The best is on the horizon!


    Charles Weckesser

     State President