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A message from our 2020 State President, Charles Weckesser

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     In 2020, our state board of directors made a decision to take steps to create some tremendous changes in our association.  This is a year of big change, new initiatives being announced, and increasing your ROI - Return on Investment.  Below is an overview of the steps we have taken over the past 9 months to make this happen:


  • We have renamed our association, formerly known as the Louisiana Heat Pump Association to the HVACR Association of Louisiana.

  • We have rewritten our constitution and by-laws to create a more inclusive association and address changes that were long overdue. Those changes were embraced by our entire membership - a copy can be downloaded by clicking here.

  • We have created a new website, expanded our communication through our newsletters that facilitate easier communication while you are on the go, and have been offering surveys and are making calls to every member during the month of September to give you a greater voice in our association's direction as we consider some additional initiatives to serve you better.

  • One of the initiatives I am very pleased about is the creation of a 3-year Strategic Planning Committee that is currently researching how we can enhance and improve our association through expanded offerings.  A number of initiatives are under consideration, and we hope to begin implementation of expanded training initiatives that will develop into a workforce development that benefits our contractor owners in their constant challenge to have an educated and trained workforce.  We are also investigating insurance-related offerings that may benefit our membership.

     Stay tuned!  Lots of changes are on the horizon.  Our mission is to strengthen our association and provide you with a greater return on investment in 2021.

     The best is yet to come!


     Charles Weckesser

     State President